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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Turd Polishing 101

Here's a call for dancers at Melbourne strip club, The Men's Gallery.


The Men's Gallery is training applicants to become highly paid dancers. Excellent facilities & conditions with flexible hours. Full training provided & wonderful support from both club & dancers. Safety, comfort & prestige are our hallmarks. Dance choreographer, hairdresser & masseur are some of the services provided. Are you energetic, love being the centre of attention, enjoy diversity & WANT to have GREAT FUN & earn GREAT MONEY.

Hmmm... Safety? Comfort? Prestige?

This ad reminds me of an old circus fable. Guido ran away to join the circus and got a job administering enemas to the elephants. After a few months a nasty rash developed on his arm.
He visits a doctor and the doctor asks what Guido does for a living.
"I'm the enema boy at Ringling Brothers Circus, sir."
"Ah, that explains it. You're allergic to elephant faeces and you will have to get another job."
"What, and quit show business?"


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