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Monday, December 05, 2005

A What Ranger?

The Brambuk Park & Cultural Centre at Halls Gap is advertising for an "Interpretation Ranger". The rest of the world is wondering, "What the hell is an Interpretation Ranger?"

Here's a clue...
"The main focus of the role is to assist in developing and delivering the education and interpretation services..."
Whatever they may be.
"You will also be responsible for assisting in expanding interpretation and education networks, preparing resource materials and providing technical information. This will also include assisting in the implementation of budgets and programs relating to Brambuk the National Park & Cultural Centre."
Nope, still confused.

Interpretation Services. Here's my interpretation....

Anybody who wants to: write a novel, stageplay or movie set in Halls Gap; conduct interpretive dance in the park; or spread rumours about the park's impressive rock structures will have to argue for approval from the Interpretation Ranger.

A more accurate interpretation of the position can be found at

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