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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Dig Graves For A Living

Some pundits reckon it was fear of career change which caused Mark Latham to release his spiteful diaries.

Well, here’s a job the former Labor leader could easily fall right in to.

The Emerald Cemetery Trust is looking for a “flexible, sub contracting grave digger to work with a team of volunteer trustees.”

They reckon the job should be quite easy as only about 36 graves are dug each year.

Contact June Howard after hours on 03 5968 5245. Yes, that was June, not John Howard.


Can you believe I wrote all this with only one bad pun?

If only Latham showed such self control.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Been Jilted? Experienced Groom Wanted

A dressage/breeding yard in Glenorie, NSW is looking for a new groom.

But you're going to need a little more than a pair of shiny brogues and a cumberbun to get this job.

The stable's only interested in grooms who are "very competent with stallions, mares, geldings and young horses," and have had experience in dressage or an equine degree.

Question. Is dressage really a sport? A bunch of dolled up horses fannying about in plaits all day. I'm not having any of it.

Fannying about like a horse. Collingwood's Ryan Lonie's been doing that for years.

Position description in full.
Somewhat disturbing photo by a somewhat disturbing Singaporean doctor.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

The Most Beautiful Boat Factory On Earth

Who wouldn't want to work here?

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